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145 Repair Station

Are you in need of a tip-to-tail inspection, or do you need maintenance performed on airframes, engines, and/or your APU? NiteTrain Aviation has hand selected, certified mechanics to safely facilitate these procedures and get you back in the air in no-time.

From inspections to engine overhauls, structural repairs, and even parts; NiteTrain Aviation is one of the most trusted sources for aircraft maintenance. Our team of technicians bring their own personal touch by welcoming you to the shop floor and answering any questions that you may have. Our detailed documentation will never leave you wondering what was done or what you were charged for. NiteTrain's system applications, paper-trail, and logbook entries will keep you on track for your next needed maintenance action.

NiteTrain Aviation specializes in all subchapters in Part 91 of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, meaning that we govern general operating and flight rules for civil, non-commercial aircraft. Our repair station is engaged in maintenance, inspections, and alterations of an aircraft and aircraft products with our certified mechanics and detailed designers.

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